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Don’t Neglect Your Feet!

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Ladies, would you agree?  There is nothing that will make you look more stylish and give you a confidence boost like a nice pair of shoes.  That’s what I thought, and men – take this advice from me:  You need to step your shoe game up!  Whether for business or for that hot date, nothing will make you look more successful or sexy. Get yourself a pair of high-quality shoes and tell me if you don’t get any compliments…

I have many subscribers to my blog who consider themselves young and eager professionals in the business world and believe they have their shoe game mastered (Seth Stell).  If you’re a man who knows how important quality dress shoes are, then you probably don not need to read further.  However, for everyone else, this may be one of the most important fashion tips you read on my blog.  We all know every man needs a few pairs of great dress shoes for the unavoidable occasions that will call for them.  However, even if that occasion arises, understanding that what you have on your feet can make or break any look is what many men do not realize.  It doesn’t matter if you have the most amazing suit in the world, if you have bad shoes, you lose the entire look and your confidence is reduced as a result.

For my audience, I understand that most cannot go out and afford a couple nice pairs of gator-skinned loafers for their everyday business use ($550+).  While shoes can get expensive, you must be smart about your choices.  Shoes should last for years and thus the importance of picking the right pairs of shoes is essential.   Remember what I mentioned about confidence earlier in the blog?  Keep this in mind when paying for shoes:  the confidence you get every time you put them on will be well worth the price.

Here is what to look for:

What are you looking for when it comes to buying some new shoes?  Quality, quality, and oh yea, QUALITY!  It is absolutely true that in the long run, it’s better to have two or three pairs of good shoes that will last a long time than to have fourteen pairs of generic-looking bargain brands.

Need help finding what makes a quality shoe?  Remember one word, construction.

–          Shoes should be made of real leather

–          Soles of well-made shoes are stitched, not glued

–          Lining should be made of calfskin or natural leather – stay away from synthetic materials

–          Stitching should be neat and barely noticeable

Here are my top 4 choices of shoes for a young and eager professional trying to look their best and boast their confidence:

Cap-Toe Oxford




By far the dressiest and most popular of all the business shoe styles. It looks best when worn with the more serious suit fabrics and styles. If you get one in brown, wear with navy suit, or an earth-toned suit of olive, brown or tan. Black is fine with all of the serious dark colors of gray and navy but not at all with any of the earth tones. Cordovan is the one color that seems to go with everything except black – and is understood everywhere.

Monk Strap




The Monk Strap is a European classic which has a buckle on the side. It is most commonly made of calfskin, but brown suede leather is very popular with the man who would like a touch of uniqueness in his dress footwear. The suede leather version is seen as casual and a very elegant alternative to the loafer.




On the more casual side, we have the loafer.  Wear this basic with any casual look involving jeans or trousers.

Dress Boots




Finally, a shoe I am only beginning to dabble with.  Dress boots look great with dressy and casual clothes, such as a great-fitting pair of dark colored designer jeans, a pair of dress trousers, or a casual suit.

Remember, buying nice dress shoes isn’t necessarily an expense; it’s more like an investment.  I will leave you with a quote I once heard a woman say about this topic:

The surest barometer of a man’s style is his shoes. Any investment of time, money, and care taken in dressing the body is squandered by the man who neglects his feet. 

One thought on “Don’t Neglect Your Feet!

  1. I got a shout out! You know I keep that boot game sewed up!

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