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Cold Hard Truth about Post-College Life



“I wish I knew how hard it was to get a job and how education is actually viewed in the business world.”

This quote is what many young professionals in business world are saying.  And to be fair, I thought the exact same thing after I graduated with my BS in Marketing back in 2008.  I expected things to change without any real difference in effort when it came to my business career.  However, in such a tough economic environment, and such competitive work landscape – people need to understand what is ahead of them after they have completed their education.

Is it fair to tell every future college graduate, that after they spend $60K+ finishing off their education, that they will land that dream job with an enormous salary?  Is it fair to tell them that because of their college experiences that they will be able to run out and buy that Range Rover and eat at fancy restaurants 5 times a week?  Education is a necessity in today’s world.  However, the problem is the perception of what lies ahead..

I did some research with fellow graduates who are successful in the work world, and these are the top 3 pieces of advice they would offer to any current student:

#1 – Don’t expect to love your first job.

Odds are you might not thoroughly enjoy your 1st or 2nd career positions until you can find something that you find bearable.  Remember that jobs often look great at first, and within a few months, you truly find whether you are going to like this as your career.  Remember that new suit you use to get dry cleaned every week?  Well if it is filled with wrinkles by the sixth month of employment because you don’t care anymore about your appearance, you might want to begin job hunting again.

#2 – Don’t expect everyone in the workplace to like you.

It is vital to understand that although your co-workers continually compliment your work skills, and find you to be humorous; you cannot always trust the people you work with.  I am not saying that everyone in the office is out to stab-you-in-the-back every chance they get.  However, don’t be surprised to hear your name mentioned a few times in a brutal “water cooler” conversation when a new position or promotion arises.  Understand that you must build your relationships with your co-workers and remember that ultimately, your success is dependent upon one variable.  Yourself

#3 – Don’t expect to be promoted anytime soon.

When you first get that career opportunity, chances are that there will be more experienced people with college degrees that will advance years before you do.  It takes time to build up your reputation in a workplace.  Remember that it may take 5 years and 3 careers to finally find that workplace you have dreamed about.  Therefore, you need to put those Range Rover dreams on hold.

To conclude, after reading these facts, one might wonder why a college degree is important.  Here is the truth:  A college degree builds your resume and in most cases brings a bit more of maturity to the table.  It is a huge accomplishment and a way to get a few pats on the back from family, friends, and colleagues.  While it is common nowadays, people who have a college degree have more opportunities within the work world than those who don’t.  It is rough starting out in the career world, but it is important to find a job you love even if you do switch 2-3 times.

Without your love for a job, will you never promote, never excel, and most definitely won’t be driving that dream car anytime soon!

5 thoughts on “Cold Hard Truth about Post-College Life

  1. That was a pretty accurate post G. Nice work!

  2. Hey man, great post. I’ve actually been writing a few articles on the same subject! definitely feel ya on the “you’re not gonna love your first job” part. I think a lot of us college grads have that delusion, you know?

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